Stampede Excursions is a family owned and operated Alaskan Tour Operator.

Since 2011, Stampede has been shaking up the local travel industry by creating a service-centric experience for our guests. We got our start flying in Alaska with a leased airplane and in 2013, Stampede became a FAA certificated, Alaska-based, Part 135 Air Taxi.

Recognizing the needs of those visiting Denali National Park, our small team reorganized under the Stampede Excursions brand and diversified tour operations. Spring, summer, fall, and winter we connect people, of all backgrounds, with the grandeur of the outdoors through guest-centric activities and experiences.

Jordan Heckley

Founder, CEO

Jordan is the founder of Healy, Alaska based Stampede Excursions. Drawing on his many years of experience in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries, Jordan desired to create guest focused experiences in the Denali National Park region. He serves as a board member for the Denali Chamber of Commerce and Alaska State Chamber of Commerce where he is a strong advocate for locally-owned small businesses and community engagement. Jordan grew up in Northern California and completed his Bachelor degree in Business in Texas. He now resides in Alaska and takes great pride in giving back the community by volunteering on the fire department as a Firefighter/EMT. In his off-time, he can often be found exploring with Chief Recreation Officer Brody.


Travis Jones

General Manager

Born in Northern California, Travis is a professional in the seasonal hospitality and tourism industry. Having lived and worked in fourteen states over the course of his career, he came to Alaska two years ago to work for just one summer and is now in his second winter as a local year-round resident. Travis is a Certified Hospitality Supervisor by the American Hotel & Lodging Education Institute and also serves as Events Coordinator for the Denali Chamber of Commerce. He loves to travel, even just within Alaska, and when not guiding Aurora Quest Tours in the winter, or supervising the busy summer season he can be found exploring glaciers, the Arctic Circle, Kenai Peninsula, or new locations around the world.


Brody Troy

Cheif Recreational Officer

Brody is an Alaskan Malamute and Labrador mix who calls Alaska home. As the Chief Recreation Officer, he is tasked with making sure the entire team has fun. A job he takes very seriously. Brody enjoys being outdoors and going on long adventures through the woods. He has never met a new friend he doesn’t like. Brody takes every chance he gets to go on car rides and loves to just cuddle up by the fire. A graduate of K9 Kindergarten, Brody took time away from formal schooling to spend more time with his friends.


Summer 2020 Hiring Begins January 2020