Planning A Trip To Alaska? Advice From A Local Guide

Planning A Trip To Alaska

For many people, a trip to Alaska makes their short list of places to visit. The rugged wilderness of the American last frontier. The untamed wildlife. Snow-capped mountains and ancient glaciers. What’s not to love? Except for the mosquitos, of course. No one loves mosquitos.

Don’t leave anything to chance for a bucket list destination like Alaska. While a trip in the lower 48 United States can be experienced by “winging it” after you arrive, a trip to Alaska, the land of the midnight sun, is not that type of trip.

Planning a trip to Alaska requires a bit more planning. Will you take a cruise, travel by car, or ride the Alaska railroad? Go hiking off the beaten path, take a scheduled bus tour or a little bit of both? What sort of activities and excursions will you take once you get there? These are a few decisions that need to be made about when people visit the Alaskan wilderness.

How To Plan An Alaska Vacation

Travel By Cruise Ships Through Southeast Alaska

How do you usually like to travel? What is your idea of a great vacation? If you want to get away from daily chores like cooking and dishwashing, then planning a weeklong camping trip where you are cooking and washing dishes every day might not be for you. You might prefer a week-long Alaska cruise with meals served at your table and breathtaking scenery outside your window.

Take A Relaxing Day Trip In The Larger Cities

If you believe vacations are a time to sit back, relax and read a good book, then an extensive backpacking Alaska itinerary might not be for you. Perhaps time spent in a cabin or wilderness lodge might be more to your liking. You might consider staying in one of the larger cities with full-service hotels and taking sightseeing day trips. 

Plan Your Perfect Alaska Trip

For active travelers who don’t want to miss a single action-packed activity, a vacation in Alaska offers more to see and do than can be done in one trip. Prepare a list of activities in advance, and make reservations to avoid missing out.

Plan a trip you are excited about. A greater extension of your daily life, so you can return with fond memories. Don’t plan a trip that is more work than you want. You wouldn’t want to return home in need of another vacation.

Be Respectful Of The Weather At All Times

Why Do People Visit Alaska In Winter?

Alaska is beautiful all the time, but especially in the winter months. If you are visiting Alaska in winter, then you already know that weather is a big deal. Multiple layers of warm, breathable clothing, a heavy parka, and warm, weatherproof boots are already on your packing list.

How Do You Pack For Summer Travel?

Multiple layers are once again the key. However, this time instead of the heavy boots and big parka, you can pack lighter-weight clothing. A lightweight puffy coat and a waterproof windbreaker are necessities. Weather changes quickly in Alaska, and you want to prepare for any possibilities. Good hiking boots or shoes are still needed if you plan to go hiking, but comfortable walking shoes will suffice for everything else.

Sunscreen Is A Must In Summer

Yes, really. The sun is just as powerful, and you can still get a sunburn, especially if you will be going to an area with snow. The sun reflects off the snow, and you can end up with a painful sunburn, even when it’s cold. Bring sunscreen and a wide brim hat.

Don’t forget the mosquito repellent! Those irritating little blood suckers are highly active from late June through late August. Plan to wear long sleeves outside, especially at night. Bring the mosquito repellent that works best for you, and don’t let them spoil your entire trip.

Visit At Least One Of The National Parks

Alaska has an impressive eight national parks. It would be a shame to travel all that way and not visit at least one of them.

Many of them are accessible only by small plane. Flightseeing tours and air taxis can take travelers into:

  • Gates of the Arctic National Park

  • Katmai National Park

  • Kobuk Valley National Park

  • Lake Clark National Park

Other parks can be accessed by car, cruise ship, ferry, bus, Alaska Railroad, or a combination. These parks include:

  • Glacier Bay National Park

  • Denali National Park

  • Wrangell St Elias National Park

  • Kenai Fjords National Park

Get Help From An Alaska Tour Operator For Your Custom Itinerary

An experienced tour company makes all the difference in your perfect Alaska itinerary

planning. Whether you travel to Alaska by plane, train, car, RV, or cruise ship, work with experienced local guides who offer a personal experience and can create the best Alaska itinerary for you.

Are you hoping to see the northern lights? The aurora borealis, also called the northern lights, can be elusive. Work with a knowledgeable tour guide to put together a plan that gives you the best chance for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Experienced Denali National Park Tour Company

Denali National Park is the busiest park in the state of Alaska. Work with a Denali package company that offers the excursions and activities you want. Especially during the busy summer months, don’t wait until you get there to start making reservations. It will likely be too late by then.

The experienced staff at Stampede Excursions know all the insider tips to help you plan an amazing trip!

Our knowledgeable guides are well-versed in Alaska’s history and culture. We offer a personalized experience with small group tours by land, water, or in the air in interior Alaska.

You can leave the details to us. Our number one priority is giving you an amazing experience without the usual stress of trip planning.

Go online or call us today. Our team is eager to help you!

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Arctic Dragonfly Inn - Accommodation

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The rooms have a lot of space and are located in the Healy town proper close to The Alaskan Coffee Bean, Grocery Store, Post Office, Community Center and three gas stations.

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The Forget Me Not Cabin is light and spacious with blue and purple touches and two Serta iComfort Queen beds. We provide down comforters for all the beds. This is a wonderfully clean and modern space with a fan for the warmer days and heater for the cooler and wet days. We have black out shades to block that Midnight Sun while sleeping. Wifi is available. Full bathroom with beautiful touch and amenities. We also provide an outdoor grill and picnic table for your enjoyment.


The Prickly Rose Cabin is light and spacious with pink touches and One Serta iComfort Queen bed, one twin bed and a sleeper sofa. We provide down comforters for all the beds. This is a wonderfully clean and modern space with a fan for the warmer days and a heater for the cool and wet days. We have black out shades to block that Midnight Sun while sleeping. Wifi is available. Full bathroom with beautiful touch and amenities. We also provide an outdoor grill and picnic table for your enjoyment.

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Denali Heli-Hiking Adventure

Set off on your adventure at our private helipad where you will fly with one of our experienced pilots along with a naturalist expert of the area with over twenty years of experience in the Denali National Park area.

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Denali Glacier Landing By Helicopter

Take a journey to the most remote regions of North America in this unparalleled helicopter flight. You'll be treated with an eye-catching landscape as you Soar over to millennia old glaciers and experience the wild beauty of our planet!

3 hours
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Draft Horse Drawn Covered Wagon

To get a real sense of old-time Alaska, travel like the original pioneers did-by horse-drawn wagon. Climb onto a covered wagon for an adventure and you’ll be in for a trip through time. While guides fill you in on the area’s history and natural treasurer, you’ll be pulled through the Alaskan tundra with the mountains of nearby Denali National Park hovering overhead. Join us for an exciting, yet relaxing, journey into the wilds of Alaska. Our custom-built Covered Wagon Ride is pulled by two beautiful Draft horses.

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Denali ATV Adventure

Experience the beauty of Alaska on a Classic ATV Adventure! This is your chance to explore the backcountry like an Alaskan with stops to take pictures or enjoy the view. With a guide to lead the way, you're have an exciting and unique experience. Don't miss out on this chance to see Alaska as it was meant to be - rough and wild!

1 hour
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Up to 10

Denali Adventure by Air

Flight around Denali National Take a thrilling and inspiring flight around the highest point in North America. Soar amongst the jagged peaks of the Alaska Range on a stunning 200-mile flight through Denali National Park