Housing and Benefits

Our partnerships with other local businesses and the unique envoirnment of Denali allow our team to have some wonderful benefits. From discounted housing to free tours there are great perks for joining our team!

Diversity Travels With Us

At Stampede Excursions, diversity is a big deal. If we’re aiming to be the ultimate adventure travel operator, a team built of the same type of people won’t get us there. When brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds come together an unstoppable force helps achieve our goal: to deliver excursions people love. Whatever your culture, your background or your way of life, we have a rewarding opportunity in store for you.

Why Stampede Excursions

Stampede Excursions offers a new take on excursions. Shaking up the local industry by creating a team focused service-centric experience for both our teammates and guests.


At Stampede Excursions our mission statement is to connect people of all backgrounds with the grandeur of the outdoors through guest-centric activities and experiences. There is no better place to do that than Interior Alaska in the summer. In a land of near-constant daylight, with millions of acres of outdoors to explore, if you enjoy nature, this is the job for you! You’ll be not just given the ability to go on all the free excursions you can find time for, but encouraged to as well, as our goal is for you to fall in love with this area and pass that love and knowledge on to our guests.

That’s why we are here! The entire management team can each tell you their own story of how they came to Alaska for just one season and never wanted to leave. You may be standing amid the crowds of the Denali Canyon selling tours as part of the job, or sharing an evening campfire on the wide-open silent tundra. On your off time, you may go from standing on a glacier to rafting through Class IV rapids on a roaring river!

Best of all, in a world dominated by corporations where nobody knows your name, Stampede Excursions is locally owned and operated. We want to get to know you and build the same sort of relationship with you that we hope to build with every guest.


Stampede Excursions secures discounted accommodations in the area for full-time teammates. Through an agreement with another local company, housing is $80 per week, including utilities. This is a shared housing space with shared accommodations. It is an apartment-style furnished space with two to four people per room, shared bath, shared kitchen, and a common area. Facilities include restrooms, running water, wireless internet, and a yard with a firepit. All teammates staying in accommodations must sign a housing agreement and a deposit is required.


Our ideal candidate has three traits:

1) Loves the outdoors

The best way to sell tours is to love them, which requires that you get outside and go on tours. It’s also important that you love the outdoors because we work in them. Even our office isn’t really an office in a typical sense! You WILL be outside. In the rain. In the heat. Yes, it can actually get hot! However, we’ve also seen snow in July.

2) Outgoing

Another key to success in selling tours and providing an awesome tour experience is talking to people. As you stand outside our office or lead guests down the Stampede Trail, you will be expected to engage everyone you meet in conversation. Asking “Do you want to buy a tour?” or providing a boring narrative in a robotic voice won’t do the trick! You’ll need to be the sort who has a genuine love for engaging each and every person you encounter.

3) Self Entertaining

We aren’t a large company with a ton of employees and organized employee activities. We don’t have an employee dining room. Housing isn’t located in the hustle and bustle of the tourist area. A successful teammate will be the sort who motivates themselves to go out into the community, out into the country, or anywhere else and DO THINGS. If you need the “Summer Camp for Adults” atmosphere offered by many seasonal employers, this won’t be the place for you.


Transportation to our location in Healy, Alaska is on your own. Fairbanks has a nice International Airport with affordable flights multiple times daily from Seattle. Healy and Denali are about two hours south (by highway), and transportation from Fairbanks to Healy (Denali National Park) can be secured via shuttle or train.

Denali is never a place you should feel stuck during the summer season. The Alaska Railroad runs daily between Fairbanks/Denali/Anchorage, as do several bus options. We recommend bringing your own vehicle if possible, but realize that driving a car to Alaska is an adventure in its own right. While it would allow you to explore Alaska at your own leisure, it is perfectly possible to have an amazing summer experience without your own vehicle.


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